Saturday, July 31, 2010

The weather in Spain

What's happening to our world & the weather? The weather in Spain this year has been most odd. Let's start at the beginning of the year. It was the wettest winter in Spain for over 50 odd years! It must have rained every from January (actually it started November 2009) until well into April. And, I don't mean just 'rain' it was heavy, heavy, heavy and relentless. Actually, there is only one word to describe that period of time DEPRESSING.

Gradually, the rain began to decrease and warmer, sunnier days appeared occasionally. You'd be sat on the terrace one day & back indoors because of rain or mist the next! What do I wear today? Hummmm, layers I think. Oh, & perhaps keep some welly boots on hand too.

To cut a long story short & not to moan too much either, I'll skip on to the current weather. It's now the 31st July 2010. Summer, or is it?

Well yes, it is summer; but again it's just not normal. The mornings can look decidely dodgy. We have a beautiful sea view (normally) but some mornings there is a bank of cloud covering the sea. That said cloud cover can sometimes creep up into the mountains. Sometimes is surrounds a mountain, leaving the peak sticking out of the top which is quiety scary to see.

The days are generally hot, as you would expect. But we've had many cloudy days rather than the clear blue skys we are used to and expect.

The evenings too can be a bit hit & miss. Living in Spain we expect to need to sit outside of an evening because it just too hot inside the house. Not this year. Quite a few evenings have just not been hot enough to date & it's more comfortable either indoors or wear a jumper/cardigan outdoors.

No, it's not just that we are used to the weather now, it's definitely not the same anymore.

I have a friend who lives in Australia, where it's now winter & she says they have frosts, which is most unusual.

What is happening to our world I wonder.

Fancy a dip in the pool?


  1. Hi Deb,
    This blog is a great idea! I have enjoyed reading your experiences and learning more about Spain. Thank you for all the good tips and info.

    The weather here in the US (Tennesse and Florida) has been crazy too. Florida had the coldest winter for as long as people remembered. TN had a deep freeze and now a hot summer, with temperatures hotter than Florida. Some people said this is what happens before a major climate change. Get ready for the ice age!

    Good luck!

  2. Hi mvmaithai, thanks for stopping by & commenting. Ice age (aaarrggghh) I hope not LOL.

    Pop back soon. Many more new posts to be published shortly.



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