Thursday, September 30, 2010

One for the girls!

Nerja (photo courtesy of

My fabulous friend, Jayne and I had a wonderful girlie day out this week.  What's so special about that I hear you ask?  Well for many reasons, this was a much needed & definitely well deserved day for both of us.

Those of you that know me well are aware that for a couple of years, whilst trying to sell our house, Barry (my husband) and I have not had much spare cash for luxuries.  To make life even more difficult, I was diagnosed with cancer in January and this year has been very hard.  Not just for me, but equally so for Barry, our families and friends too.  Glad to say, the house is now sold, yay.

Then in February, my friend Jayne & her husband Michael came over for a holiday.  They used to live here, but unfortunately returned to the UK full time almost 3 years ago.  They still own their lovely town house here though and fortunately for us, they regularly visit for holidays.

So when they visited in February, shortly after my release from hospital, we were delighted to see them.  Plus, it was Jayne's birthday too, so a fun filled night out was planned.

We went to dinner in a local restaurant with some other friends, Tony & Sue, plus Debbie & Karen. We all had a great evening, but unfortunately it ended in disaster!!!!

Anyway, I won't rant on too much about it but basically on her way home, Jayne slipped and broke or ankle.  It was a bad brake which resulted in surgery.  It has also taken her a long time to recover properly and consequently they were unable to return to Spain, until now.

During my illness, Jayne kept in contact with Barry on a daily basis via skype.  Plus when they were here in February I was showered with not only support and love, but some fabulous gifts too.

This current visit happened to coincide with Jayne & Michael's 20th wedding anniversary too.  So, what better excuse is there for a right royal girlie day out?

Tuesday morning, Jayne & I headed off to Nerja for the day.  A truly wonderful place, full of shops, bars, restaurants, etc and of course amazing beaches too.

Our plan was to do a little shopping, a little pampering and have lunch too.  The day was perfect.  Upon arriving, we visited a local nail bar to make an appointment.  I booked for a french manicure and Jayne decided to opt for a foot massage.  Great choice considering her earlier accident!

So with our appointments booked.  First stop was a coffee after the short journey.

Jayne during coffee

View towards the sea from the plaza
After coffee, we hit the shops and yes, we did treat ourselves to a few prizes too!  Then, it was time to head back to the nail bar for our pampering.

Me, having my french manicure

Jayne, relaxing and thoroughly enjoying her foot massage

After my nails has dried and Jayne had woken up from her foot massage, which she enjoyed so much it sent her to sleep.  We headed off for lunch.

The choice of restaurants is mind boggling, but as it was market day.  Most patrons were on the other side of town, leaving Nerja fairly quiet and therefore no problem getting a table for us.

We decided on an italian restaurant and we both ordered a pasta dish.  Unfortunately, we were chatting so much I forgot to get the camera out again.  Sorry for that.  It also means I can't do a restaurant review, sorry for that too.  But I'm sure I'll return there one day and will provide a review then, I promise.  However, I can say the food was delicious and I had my favourite dish.  One I often create at home too, called Aglio-e-olio, shown here on my other blog.

After lunch we ventured back up the mountain to Competa. I dropped Jayne off at home and then I went home too for a quick nap before Barry & I returned to Jayne & Michaels, with our friend Sue, for an evening of drinking, chatting and of course wonderful food as always supplied by Michael.

Thanks guys, you are all truly special friends.

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