Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Blog Day 2010

August 31st is Blog Day.  The idea is to write a short introduction about 5 other blogs you like and link back to the Blogday site, click here to see Blogday2010 site & read all about it

So, without further ado, who are my 5 nominated bogs?

1.  Kavey Eats Blog.  Kavey is a hardworking blogger who likes to participate in a variety of blogging events.  Her blog is predominantly about restaurant reviews, drinks & other produce reviews too, also some recipes.  Hop on over and check out Kavey's fabulous blog here

2.  The Curry Secret Blog..  Blog owner, Kris Dhillon, author of 3 cookery books to date.  The Curry Secret, The New Curry Secret & Thai Cookery Secrets.  Kris lives in Australia where she works hard on producing new cookery books, has a cookery school and a beautiful allotment/garden where she grows her own herbs, fruits & vegetables.  If you're a curry lover you must visit here blog (here) and check it out.  From there, you can also purchase here amazing books too. I have all 3 and they're fabulous.

3. The sits girls An inspirational blog for women.  A hard working group of women whose aim is to help each other.  To date they have over 6,000 followers and growing all the time.  With too many wonderful aids to assist others & for me to mention, get on over to their blog (here) and check it out.  You won't be dissapointed!  In fact, come join in too!

4. Carl Galloway of Internet Marketing & Make Money Online Blog.  Carl earns his income from, yes you've guessed it, making money online.  He works fulltime to show others how to do this to.  If you're interest in earning money from your blog; pop on over to Carl's site here and check him out.

And, last, but not least.

5.  Stephanie Slater Clark of Behind the Camera & Dreaming. Stephanie is a talented photographer and blogger.  Her blog consists of her adventures with photography, writing, fashion & food.  Quite an inspiration.  Pop on over to her blog (here) and see what she's been up to.

So, there you have my 5 nominated blogs.  Get yourselves interacting with others and make new friends with fellow bloggers.  Afterall, none of us put so much time & effort into our blogs if it were not our attention to meet new people, gain new followers & friendships too.

NOTE: All 5 blogs listed were picked randomly in order to be fair, so please don't be disappointed if you are not listed.  Maybe, you'll be there next year!  In the meantime, please pop over & visited those that are listed.

Not familiar with Blog Day? Well this happens every year on the 31st August.  Pop on over to the Site (here) and check it out.  If you've missed it this year, bookmark it for 2011.

Finally, a big 'Thanks' to the sites listed above and


  1. Drat, I missed blog day?! There's always next year, I suppose! Great nominations. Btw, I was enticed here by your sparkly lips via Pink Dandy's Blog Hop. ;D

  2. Hi Aquariann, thanks for stopping by. Put blogday in your diary for next year so you don't miss it again!

    The sparkly lips look fab don't they, not conducive to eating & drinking though LOL.

  3. Hey Debs!
    Thank you so much!
    I just got back from a safari holiday in Kenya this morning to read your email about listing me in your blog day list!
    So kind of you!
    x x x


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